Jennifer is a visual artist based out of San Antonio, Texas. She has been an artist since her 20's. She began creating visual art that represents life around her in everyday objects. In the last couple of years she began expressing her struggles with fatigue, chronic pain and her multiple invisible chronic illnesses as she navigates her disabled life with. 


Jennifer began her art career in Chicago at The Palette & Chisel Academy of Fine Art on Dearborn Street. She started with figure drawing, utilizing charcoal. For several years she created figure drawings and portraits, showing her work at a student art show at the Palette & Chisel Gallery on the first floor.

Since then, Jennifer has studied art online and through regular art practice. She branched out into pencil, colored pencil, watercolor, ink, some pastel and acrylic work, and finally digital art in the last couple of years. Her first love is figure drawing but she has created sci-fi, abstract, modern art and still life pieces. She also works with customers to create specialized art that represents a powerful life event, victory, intense pain,and even hope.


October 2019 - NORM invited Jennifer to show her artwork to doctors, pharmacists, nurses and healthcare providers and discuss art as therapy

September 2019 - Jennifer was invited by Michael Kuluva to show her work after his fashion show at his reception for New York Fashion week.

2015 - Present - Jennifer has worked with Creaky Joints to illustrate the patient experience around pain, flares, fatigue and her mental health struggles including depression and anxiety.